Spencer Hardy Welch is a composer, pianist and public speaker who has been performing for over forty years.  He has performed at hundreds of concerts, weddings, private parties and corporate events.  His first solo album, THUNDERHEAD, debuted in 1995.  Since 2019, Spencer has divided his time between leadership consulting, public speaking, and recording his upcoming album, NOSTALGIA.


"Those who attended the piano recital at the Whatcom Museum on April 20 heard some exceptional music. Spencer Welch was the pianist who played some of his own compositions. Songs and etudes inspired by friends, family, and sunset scenes along the Chuckanut contributed to the versatility and richness of the program. At times it sounded like Chopin and Mendelssohn were in our midst. We look forward to Mr. Welch sharing with us still more of his great talent."  -From The Bellingham Herald.

THUNDERHEAD, Spencer's 1995 release, is still available.  It is a collection of eleven original works, including the improvisational title track.

"Lyrical and honest, Spencer Welch's Thunderhead exhibits a pianist comfortable with the solo medium. No slick production smothers the pieces, for there is no need. With economy and precision, each composition expresses a direct ideal. Welch's musical vocabulary is profound. From Jarrett to Gershwin to Chopin, he easily fuses varied styles to suit his muse. Half the fun is identifying those allusions. Spend the other half enjoying a purely original composer whose gift is also ours." 
-Silver Platters Chatter, Review of Thunderhead, August 1996